Understanding The Fast PokDeng Online Gameplay

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Pok Deng may sound unfamiliar to you. But, long-time casino players are aware of the game. It is the old version of the Poker game. However, the game still exists even years have passed. It was given reborn again. Play now and get involved with the amazing prizes, register to become a part of the game. Many players have discovered the game and tried it out. Although poker is now popular, still, the traditional version of the game offers excitement to the old and new players, even you!

Now, if you plan to play the real money game, it is safer to play on the online casino site. Gambling is illegal in Thailand, so make sure that you protect your money at all costs. But, Thailanders didn’t mind about it being illegal since they make solutions out of it. Instead of using the money for their bets, they use candies, drinks, or chips as their bets. However, playing Pok Deng online is not illegal, many online casino sites based in Thailand are offering great casino services to serve players right. In playing Pokdeng online, you can use real money. ป๊อกเด้ง, register now and be a part of the most reliable casino site with the best casino games in Thailand.

Simple steps to play the game

There are simple steps when you play Pok Deng. As an interested player, you need to follow these steps to start playing:

  1. Place bets
  2. The dealer shuffles the card and deals two cards in every player that ends with the dealer
  3. Every player can stay or draw a card
  4. A dealer can select and compare with the players’ hands
  5. The player can draw a card

The card values

There are three factors to determine the player’s score in Pok Deng, namely;

  • Type of hand
  • Taem (numerical value)
  • Deng (bet multiplicator)

It is the numerical score of the hand, determined by the cards’ values on the hand. Here are the card values:

  • Ace. It equals one
  • 2-9. It equals the face values
  • 10, J, Q, K. It equals to zero of ten

Deng, the bet multiplier, depends on the relationship of the cards in hand. For instance:

  • Song Deng. If a player has two cards, sharing a similar suit of a pair, a flush, a letter, or a number. It has a payout of as much as double the original bet.
  • Sam Deng. If the players have 3 cards sharing a similar suit. It has a payout that can be tripled to the original bet.