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When two or more individuals keep the money as a stake and someone among them wins if a particular event happens is what constitutes of Gambling. It may or may not require the said individuals to be in the same room as each other. When someone wins a big amount of money just by raising the stakes, it is a very exhilarating experience for them. This experience can not be described in words only. This has led to Gambling becoming immensely popular among a certain niche of people. Now imagine all this excitement and transaction taking place with the internet as a medium of convenience. That basically Online Gambling 101. It has been able to capture the imagination of a plethora of people like nothing else.

Major high-stakes game played in the arena of Gambling is Poker, Roulette, Slots, Blackjack and Craps. All of these games have been successfully cloned for the internet to become even more accessible, fun, and safe and secure for the players.  Players are also becoming digitally aware and are able to place their bets using cryptocurrencies even. Internet banking is also regulated by Online Casinos for the purpose transaction to and fro from the player’s account. Questions have been raised time and again about how fair and authentic are the systems deployed by these Online Casinos houses and various agencies and authorities have been tasked with determining this exact same fact wherever gambling is legal in the eyes of law. In spite of all this, the sheen of Online Casinos has not worn down at all. You can still find hordes of people completely mesmerized and baffled by the audacity of this activity who are doing this daily for fun or money. According to number crunching and estimates by concerned agencies, $ 58 million is the conservative estimate of online gambling’s evaluation. The sheer scale at which it has been growing has baffled, concerned and enticed many in equal measures.

SCR888 lets you delve into the high-stakes and exciting world of online casino and games.

How it all started?

The year was 1994. People in many developed countries had secured the services of a home computer already. These were an exciting time for people with these computers as they were exposed to the wonders of these new gadgets on a daily basis. However, one company completely untouched by this phenomenon and highly conspicuous by its absence was that of the Gambling and related sport. Then came the revolution that this industry was in dire need of. The first online casinos set up shop in this very year. People were exposed to the thrill of gambling without being subjected to the inconvenience of being physically present inside the casino. A major segment of the population which didn’tever participated in this activity due to time or money constraints now also became an active part of this community. Seeing all this hullabaloo, many nations realized the opportunity and money in taxes that were lost to the black economy due to Gambling being illegal. Caribbean nations actively ended the illegality of this sport. This led to further consolidation and let gambling become more mainstream than it ever was in modern history. Several nations like Canada and European Union followed soon in the footsteps of Caribbean nations. The world of online gambling has not looked back since.

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