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If you want to impress your friends with all your mind reading skills, this trick is simply what you need to learn! To perform this simple card trick, you need to take 25 cards out of the pack and ask someone in the audience to shuffle and cut them as many times as they like. Soon after, you need to deal 25 cards on a table, in 5 rows of 5 cards, exposed, from left to right, in narrow rows, similar to the structure of the net.

The next trick step is to ask the audience to think of a card from one of the rows and then share the class with you where the card is. Immediately after you tell them, be sure to make a mental note of the card at the end of the left row. To continue this trick, you simply need to pick up the cards, start from the bottom row right card, place this card on the card directly above it, and get these two cards and place them directly on top of the top card. Do this until the last letter at the top.

Then you need to do exactly the same procedure for each of the rows and at the end you should have 5 sets of cards located exactly where the top row was previously and learn how to cheat at dominos?. Choose these cards, put the fifth card from the right pile on top of the fourth, and then this pile should be placed on top of the third, and then this pile on the second, and so on, until finally finished from producing a large pile of cards.

As you approach the conclusion of the trick, make sure to keep the cards face up and then spread them out as before, in 5 horizontal rows. Then you need to ask the person in the audience to tell you again what class your card is in. After they provide this answer, it is best to look at the top or bottom row of the indicated card that was first in line for the named person from the audience. The card they looked at should now be at the top or bottom of the exact same row they are now pointing to.

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