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Understanding the Gourds, Crabs, and Fish Game

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When you ask about the game Gourds, Crabs, and Fish, many people who have been playing in an online casino would know. For those who are just starting to learn the game, there are several elements to learn about this game. It is a popular game particularly in Asia due to its gameplay. It is also affordable for players.

What is the game Gourds, Crabs, and Fish?

This game is quite popular particularly in Asia. In this game, you have to make bets just like you do when you play Sic Bo. There will be three dice and three balls. Each figure has the image of an animal. These animals are gourd, crab, tiger, fish and chicken. They all represent a number which are as follows: fish means one, shrimp means 2, gourds means 3, chicken is four, crab is 5, and tiger is 6.

How to start the game?

First off, you have to choose a table or a room for you to bet on. You will be playing with the dice that contain the animal symbols. You can predict the faces of the dice. The game is simple and straightforward and it is easy to play. There’s a way to determine the sum of the dice. What is considered as high is 11 to 17 while 4 to 10 is low. You may choose to bet on a pattern which may be high or low. The dealer will then shake the dice cup. You then have to wait for the results. For every winning result, you will enjoy a high payout. The money will then be transferred right away.

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Some game techniques to remember

Players especially beginners may need to abide by the following techniques to increase the chances of winning the game:

They have to collect data or statistics frequently. The statistics may prove useful in the next round of betting. Here you will find the same number that keeps on showing up. You must make the same bets. In น้ําเต้าปูปลา, there are three dice. Make sure that you bet the same amount. You also have to pick a particular color and stick to it. There are three colors to choose from: red, blue, and green. Choose the color and bet on it consistently.

The perks in playing the Gourds, Crabs, and Fish

When playing เกมน้ำเต้าปูปลาได้เงินจริง, you can start with as low as 10 Baht for a bet. It’s a good thing that it can be played online. You need not travel far. You also don’t need multiple players. There is a wide variety of bet options. The payout rate is high for this game. There are also different tricks for you to bet which can guarantee you easy profit once you get the hang of it.