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Gambling is considered as one of the famous game of Vietnam. It is played in a little different manner. The sides of the dice unlike ours showing six pips, have photos of a prawn, a tiger, a crab, a calabash gourd, a chicken and a fish. It’s a unique game on its own and has many new aspects and rules and details of the game which can excite anybody to play. This game is played with three dice, similar to Sic Bo game. The symbols on the dice are labeled with blue, green, red, which include the number marked Hi- Lo. The structure of the game is quite similar to Sic Bo or Ludo but has completely different rules to play. The game therefore, is named as น้ําเต้าปูปลา game.

How to play Gourds, Crab, Fish game?

The names written on the dice signifies a particular color which further signifies the points the person will get if got the color. The list follows up as the fish part indicate 1red point, shrimp signifies 2 green points, gourds show 3 blue points, tiger contains 4 blue points, crab has 5 green points and then comes the last one- chicken with 6 red points. Further, the three dice named เกมน้ำเต้าปูปลาได้เงินจริง are played like a normal dotted dice y shaking and throwing it on a table. The players have to predict different results according to their analyses. Each side of the dice have value from 1 to 6 and three colors allowing fish, crabs and gourds to be stabbed in number and high stabbed color.

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Betting types and payout rates of Fish Crab Gourds

  • Two types of bets are involved in the game which is ‘chicken’ and ‘crab’, If all three dice came out to be ‘chicken’ and ‘crab’, the payout rate increases to five times
  • Tang bet is another type in which is to bet on any of the symbols, Is all the three dice come of a same symbol, the payout rate is one times
  • Bet on high- low is betting the sum of all three dice, the payout is one times
  • Even-odd bet is the sum total of either odd numbers or the even ones, the payout rate is one times
  • Repeat ball or cable is another type of betting which has predictions of 2 dice to be the same, If all the three comes out to be same, the payout rate increases directly to eight times
  • To bet on any color is a type of betting where the players bet on any color of the three dice

There are many more types of betting. This game of gourds, crab and fish is a fun task to bet on and interesting as well. Its complication and different style of game makes it keener to game on.