Interesting History of Online Gambling in Malaysia

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When it comes to Malaysian history of gambling, it is quite unique and awkward. You will be amazed to know about the history gambling of Malaysia. This country has quite a strange set of laws all related to gambling. More than half of the population is banned from gambling. This is because of the Sharia Law. It applies to the Muslim citizen of the country. But still, there are some resorts and legal forms of gambling for the non-Muslim residents. However, with the popularity of 918kiss, it has become impossible for the law to prevent the Muslim community form getting involved in gambling.

Betting Act of 1953:

The major act of Malaysia is the Betting act of 1953. This act is still in use till today. Even though some amendment in the act is done over the years yet the law is taken very seriously. This act has defined the legal and illegal form of gambling in a very distinctive way. Therefore, for gambling, the services and companies have to get a viable license from the govt. Only after the license is permitted, the service will be able to allow the customers to get involved in gambling into sports betting, lottery games, and other ones. If someone is found handling illegal gambling, then they will be punished with a maximum of 6 months in prison.

Application of Sharia Law:

The weirdest part of the Sharia Law is that it is only applicable to the ethnic Chinese part of the population along with some minorities and the visitors of the country. For almost 60% of the country, gambling is entirely forbidden. Any serious offense to this law will be punishable by 2 years sentence in prison.

Popular Types of Betting:

As the online platforms are getting advanced, keeping the track of online gamblers is becoming hard. People use fake ids to play gambling games and interact with others. But still, the games are very popular. You can find people playing 918kiss, 3WIN casino, Poker, Roulette, BlackJack, and other online games too. The most popular sport in which gambling is done is Football. People often place bets on the domestic leagues and the European leagues too. You can also find Baccarat and other table games on online platforms like SRC888now.

Future of Betting in Malaysia:

Well, it is not quite clear where the Malaysian system will turn the law. But with the popularity of the online platform, it is becoming quite obvious that the bans would not last much longer. People are arguing that there should be just one law for everyone. Thus, It is quite clear that the country has a thriving business of online casino games.