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What is responsible gaming?

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As one of the most complete websites related to online poker, we believe it is necessary and essential to care about our readers, so that all those who register through Poker Listings in the best-known online poker rooms play responsibly: Sbobet Indonesia one of leading poker in Indonsesia.

Bet only the money you can afford to lose,

  • Never use money reserved for other things and less than necessary for daily life.
  • Check your mood before playing, if you are depressed or have anxiety you should avoid playing as this fact can only harm your economy as well as your health.
  • Decide how much money you are going to spend before playing , having that amount of money separate from the rest.
  • Impose maximum limits of losses, including profits, and do not hesitate to stop playing at the moment you exceed these limits.
  • Set a consistent time limit , never play long periods of time.
  • Rest on a regular basis. If you have decided how long to play it is convenient to take a break to refresh the mind.
  • Accept losses when they exist . Do not try to recover the lost money as it may be because this can only lead you to lose a greater amount of money.
  • Use the help tools that online poker rooms usually make available to customers to help a responsible game.
  • Payment limits: Allows you to set a maximum limit of money in the transactions to be made. This way, you can never enter any amount when the limit has been exceeded.
  • Time limits: It allows to establish maximum periods of time so that the player cannot be more than desired before starting to play. With this function you can avoid letting yourself get carried away compulsively.

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Legal minimum age for the game

In order to play you must have a minimum of 18 years of age the necessary age of the place where you intend to play.

The minimum age required to play varies depending on the country, although it is defined as the age at which a person acquires the rights and legal responsibilities of adults.

Despite what can be believed, this is not necessarily the age of majority or the age at which you can exercise the right to vote, so it is advisable to ensure that you are at least the minimum age to be able to play poker with real money.

In addition to ensuring the possibility of playing online, players must ensure the protection of minors, preventing them from gaining access to the gambling halls.

In order to carry out this fact, we recommend avoiding the “Save Password” option in poker rooms and keeping the username and password out of reach of minors. Another tip is to use a child protection software that allows you to restrict websites related to gambling.