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What indicators prove that an online casino is secure?

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Are you wondering about the meaning of the word “secure”? Do not panic! Here is the explanation. When you visit any site, information is transmitted from your computer to the server and vice versa.When you play in an online casino, you need to be sure about the security of the site. Click here to know about 온카지노.

Is the symbol “https: //” at the beginning of the URL?

Before registering on the site of the online casino that caught your attention, check that its URL contains an “S” after the acronym “http”. “S” is the initial of “Secure”. Visit this site to know about 온카지노. 

Is there a padlock icon in the address bar?

This small padlock appears in the address bar of browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. It means that the user has access to a page that has not been hacked. In general, it helps to ensure the authenticity of a site. Note that the padlock is not always displayed in the same place and may vary from browser to browser.

Make sure you’re on the right URL when you sign in to your account!

If you have already created your account and would like to connect to it to start playing, make sure you are on the correct URL and the correct login page.

Use a password that differs from the one you use on other sites!

We recommend that you choose a password that contains both lowercase and uppercase letters and numbers. Do not give your password to anyone, as this will jeopardize the protection of your login credentials! 

Use the two-step password verification process!

Although the two-step verification process is of recent design and may have a tedious side, we recommend that you use it. In addition to entering your usual password, you will also need to enter a code that you will receive by e-mail or phone. The latter guarantees double protection.

Do not neglect security issues!

If you forget your password, security issues will come in handy. Choose questions about your privacy so that no third party can guess the answer.

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Remember to change your password frequently!

You should change your password regularly. Try to do it once in a month.

Beware of phishing e-mails!

Although most Internet users are accustomed to spam, some spam mail or message is difficult to identify. If an e-mail tells you to enter your username and password, chances are it’s a phishing attempt. If you come to receive one, do not answer especially and filter it in the trash.

Check your bank statements!

Do not forget to check your bank statements as you receive them. It is possible that an unauthorized payment is included.