Types of casino games in online casino

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If you are interested in betting on different and more complex casino games, since there are currently numerous options in online casinos, you need to know about the games. Here we bring you the most popular card and table games you will find online.Click here for Poker Online.

 The roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular online casino games today. A mode whose origin dates back to the seventeenth century, when the French mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal invented a small roulette that was composed of 36 numbers (not including zero), although in fact his research was aimed at designing a perpetual motion machine. An elementary roulette that was modified in 1842 by the French brothers François and Louis Blanc, who added the number zero and installed it in the Principality of Monaco, specifically in the Casino of Monte Carlo.Visit this site for Poker Online.


The ease of its rules, together with its combination of chance and skill components, make blackjack one of the most demanded games by users in casinos. This card game is one of the most exciting modalities that players can find on online platforms.

The objective of a game of blackjack is to beat the croupier of the table, which represents the house, although for this the players have to get a hand with a value as close as possible to 21. The player can also win the game with the simple fact of having a higher hand than the dealer, although if the value of the hand is 22 or higher, you lose the amount you have previously bet.

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Slot machines

The growth that online casinos have experienced in recent years is mainly due to slot machines. Formerly, the slots had physical drums that determined which symbols were placed on the payline, creating the winning combinations. Currently, this modality, like most games present in online casinos, uses the RNG (Random Number Generator) system that is the cause of players enjoying a fair and honest game experience. A system that has nothing to do with the one used by Liberty Bell invented by the engineer of German origin Charles August Fey in 1887, considered the first slot machine in history.


A game that runs quickly and continuously, is played by rounds and bets on the result of throwing a pair of dice. It is a somewhat more complex game, so it is important to know well the rules to take advantage of it.


Undoubtedly the best known by all, but you should know that there are several modalities – among them, the most popular and widespread is Texas Hold’em.


Also known as Punto y Banca: although for a long time it was considered a game for Halls with distinction, in recent years it has become popular in internet casinos. This is a card game in which there are three variants: bet on the house, the player, and the draw – the winning hand is the one that achieves the value 9, or gets as close as possible.