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Poker is becoming more and more popular worldwide. But not everyone has the time and luxury to go to casinos to play. Some people prefer to play QQ Poker online to save time and effort. There are a few who host Poker games at home. With this, it is vital to have Poker chips to get the game going. 


There are different Poker chip materials. Clay is the traditional material, and it is durable. It is the most expensive type of chips in the market but has the best quality. Plastic chips are mass-produced and have lower quality. These are the most affordable of the chips. Ceramic ones are becoming the chip for live games at several casinos because it is easy to make them in bulk. It is not as expensive as clay ones but not as affordable as plastic ones either.


You can buy Poker chips in sets of a hundred to a thousand. You would want to have enough chips to cover the number of your players. A tournament would call for one chip stack per player up to the highest number of players allowed. You should also get a few additional replacement stacks.


It would be best if you choose the standard color of chips. Players will be less confused this way. A standard Poker game will need four different colored chips. The most significant percentage of your Poker chips set will be the two lowest valued chips.

  • White chip = $1
  • Red chip = $5
  • Blue chip = $10
  • Green chip = $25
  • Black chip = $100
  • Purple chip = $500
  • Orange chip – $1000

You can also choose a secondary or tertiary accent color once done with the dominant color of each chip. These are usually around their edge.


The weight of Poker chips is an essential factor you should consider if you do not opt for expensive clay chips. It is more affordable to buy lightweight chips, but heavier ones are more durable. You need to invest money in chips if you plan to hold various Poker games. The weight of Poker chips ranges from 7.5 grams to 14 grams.


You have several options when it comes to Poker chip designs. Pre-designed ones are more affordable than customized ones. If you plan to customize the chips, it is best to buy those with a recessed center. It will make putting the stickers easier but harder for players to damage.

You can choose to order a sample set if you still cannot decide on what kind of Poker chips fit your needs. A lot of chip suppliers offer a sample of one of each type of chip for a low price. You get a chance to feel each chip and inspect them thoroughly.