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Superstition in internet gambling: why a person wins or loses

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Some studies have concluded that superstitions develop and are the foundation of future game moves. When a person wins, he/she will try to understand what happened during this period of victory. A person may think that what he wears is a talisman of good luck. When a person loses, he can also look for the reasons for his loss. If a person misses more than two sessions with a specific distributor, he may feel that the distributor is out of luck or simply impossible to defeat.

Of course, not all superstitions are created from personal observations; Some w88 โกง players follow beliefs because they have heard this for many years. They prefer to believe that something is lucky and avoid it (for example, number 13 in the United States or 4 in South Korea). Some people will try to find out if something is happening.

Selective amnesia and players: popular superstitions that can be seen (and heard) in the game.

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What does this mean when players have “selective amnesia”? In essence, this means that the player only remembers what goes hand in hand with his beliefs. With superstition, the player can believe this because he has heard other people repeat it. Here are some common gaming superstitions that you may have heard (and some that you haven’t heard yet).

Passing through the entrance to the casino: some players believe that passing through the main entrance to the casino is a failure. The เกมส์คาสิโนออนไลน์ created the main entrance in the shape of a lion. Many superstitious players felt that the road was doubly cursed and that everything would go differently.

Never have $ 50 accounts: many players categorically refuse to keep $ 50 accounts or accept them as payment. Many casinos will not even deliver $ 50, and those who do will find that many players will not accept them. Often you can meet people who also do not want to receive bills of $ 2, because they also may not be lucky.

Counting money. Many people think that counting money during the game is unlucky. For this reason, they will count their money after they leave the table.

Sing / Whistle: Some players feel that whistling or singing while playing against the house is a failure. It is believed that this reasoning comes from the superstition of whistling/singing while walking around the cemetery.

Red clothes: There is an Asian superstition about wearing red while playing. However, many people prefer to wear their favorite color during the game, thinking that this is their charm of luck.

Crossing legs: some people do not cross their legs when playing because they think that this sitting position is a failure.