Poker Superstitions You Should Know About

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Most Poker players are superstitious. Although they believe Poker is a game of skill, judgment, and wisdom, they believe you need a little luck. Some players will deny that they are superstitious. But, when you watch them enough, you will notice some peculiar behavior.

Card protectors

Many Poker players, like Humberto Brenes and Greg Raymer, use card protectors. Brenes’ sharks and Raymer’s fossils prevent their hands from flipping over. They believe that these protectors also ward off bad luck.

Switching seats

A lot of players decide it is their seat that makes them lose. That is why people change seats when they feel they are having bad luck during a session. They wait for a player who hit a lucky pot run right after winning. Then they jump into the seat hoping that good luck will start to go their way.

The same clothes

There are famous examples of this superstition. John Hesp has his suit en route to a fourth-place finish at the 2017 World Series of Poker Main Event. Sebastian Sorensson, nicknamed “scarf guy,” is another example. He wore a Miami Dolphins neckpiece throughout his 2017 PokerStars Championship. It was during the Barcelona Main Event. He took down the scarf for €987K.

Lucky charms

Poker players have brought their own lucky items to the Poker tables. Each player has a choice of their own, ranging from toys, talismans, jewelry, and more. They believe that bringing these will bring them good fortune.

Stacking chips

It is common to see Poker players stacking chips with the colors in an alternating pattern. Some players stack them in the same colors. Most players want to flip them through their fingers or stroke them in the name of superstition.

It is true that most Poker players are superstitious. But, there are those who get annoyed by lucky charms on the table so you have to consider them, too. There are people who cannot stand superstitious people. They choose to play PKV Poker Online instead. Playing online gives them the same experience without having their opponent’s stuffed toy staring at them the whole game.

There are a lot more superstitions that revolve around Poker. This is not surprising since many people consider Poker a game of luck. People may deny it, but luck is something you need in every game. No matter how good your strategy is, if your luck does not allow you to have great cards, then you can do nothing about it. It is not bad to have a lucky charm with you in every game, but make sure it does not annoy your opponents enough for them to leave the game.