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Playing Poker Online Perfectly

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Poker is one of the most famous card games in the world today, and for good reason. It is not only fun, but also stimulates your brain and trains every part to get a good and winning movement. Anyone can learn to play poker. But not everyone can succeed. Then, before you begin this lesson, you must first lower your expectations a little to a reasonable level. And then determine which specific Situs BandarQ Online game you would like to learn, as there are several ways.

In general, they apply the same set of basic rules.

But for different options there will be specific recommendations that will be followed. In terms of similarity, players receive five cards clockwise. This will be based on determining who has the highest hand and wins the game. Bets are placed before disclosure to increase bets. However, players can pass by opening the bank as follows. But if they do not correspond to what was called, or raise it, they will be forced to resign and lose the game. After each bet, a player can discard up to 3 cards during his turn and get another card to get a good set.

Situs BandarQ Online

Now, when it comes to variations, direct poker games are exactly as described, except that it uses only three cards. Stud poker, meanwhile, implies a predefined combination of cards face up and up, which the player must choose or discard. Seven-card stud, a subcategory of this segment of the poker family, offers the player to choose five out of seven cards, four of which are directed up, and three – down. The third main branch of poker is a draw and more or less the same as in the previous description. And finally, there is poker for community cards, in which an incomplete hand is dealt, and then several community cards are transmitted on the central table, which players can use to improve their hand during their turn. There are other interpretations that include special instructions, such as strip poker and other media such as video games or online poker. But basically the essence of how to play the game remains the same.


Poker has existed since the beginning of the twentieth century and has been widely used as a men’s game. But today there are some women who are professionally engaged in this business. The interests of people in “sports” were fueled mainly by ideas and the support of funds. Thus, there are a number of available media (videos, books, websites, and shows) that you can use to learn how to play deeper poker.